Reconstructing the Past

Showdown with Archibald Clement

The party went with Floyd to Lexington MIssouri for its long-awaited showdown with Archibald Clement and his gang. They arrived at the town and cased the joint the day before the election, which was when the gang was planning to strike. They met up with Frank and Jesse, the two ratfolk who were Floyd’s contacts in the gang. In exchange for clemency for anyone who left with them, the ratfolk agreed to turn on Clement and take the gang for themselves.

The party set up on the day of the election with the cart, which contained Jeb and the preacher, near the stage. Althea, meanwhile, hid out under the stage. Calloway and Black Fox blended in with the crowd, while Floyd set up across the square on a rooftop. Clement tried to sway the crows in his favor for seceding from the union as the single town of Lexington. Black Fox stood up and debated with him for a while about th legitimacy of his plan. The gang subsequently abandoned him to his fate and rode out of town, except for a few loyal members by the stage. The party quickly dispatched Clement’s bodyguards and arrested Clement. They received a large bounty, which they used to spend the winter in Kansas City.


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