Dr. Jebediah McClaren

Vagrant Doctor


General Information
Level: 8
Race: Deep Gnome
Class: Alchemist(Chirurgeon)
Alignment: CG
Size: Small

Gender: Male
Height: 3ft 5in
Weight: 40 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Base and Derived Stats
Strength: 11
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 9

Fortitude: 9
Reflex: 10
Will: 7

AC: 16
Spell Resistance: 19

BAB: 6/1
CMB: 5
CMD: 18

Alchemy Bomb
Type: splash weapon (ranged touch)
Attack Bonus: 11
Range: 20 ft
Ammunition: 12/day
Direct Hit Damage: 4d6
4 fire
Splash Damage: 8 fire/Ref half
Save DC: 18
Notes: Can be modified per discoveries. Available bomb modifications: Precise, Blinding*, Explosive*, Tanglefoot*, Dispelling. Normal config: Dispelling, Tanglefoot, Precise.

Special Abilities
Healing Touch: Can heal another touched creature for 5 hp as a standard action, or heal self as a free action once per round. Can be used to heal self if unconscious. Can be used 8 times per day.

Infusion: Others can use extracts.

Anaesthetic: Damage from Heal checks is always minimized.

Infused Curative: Others can use Cure extracts. Active Cure extracts can be reclaimed when making new extracts.

Skill Focus (Heal): +3 to Heal, +6 with 10 ranks.

Swift Poisoning: Apply poison as a Swift Action

Swift Alchemy: Make alchemical items in half the time required.

Poison Resistance +2

Brew Potion: Can make potions.

Mutagen: Make an elixir that grants the following: +2 natural ammor, +4 Str/Dex/Con, -2 Int/Wis/Cha (per selected bonus). Lasts 10 min/level.

Throw Anything: +1 attack bonus to splash weapons, proficient with improvised thrown.

Low light/Darkvision 120 ft.

Stonecunning: Can passively detect secret doors in stone environments as if actively looking.

Deep Gnome Magic: Various spell-like abilities. Constant nondetection. 1/day: blindness/deafness (DC 11), blur, disguise self. Caster level equal to class level.

Cure Light Wounds
Reduce Person
Polypurpose Panacea
Crafter’s Fortune
Endure Elements

Cure Moderate
Restoration, Lesser
Touch Injection
Bullet Shield

Cure Serious Wounds
Remove Disease

Cure Serious lvl 7
Cure Serious lvl 8
Cure Serious lvl 8
Remove Disease lvl 7
Lesser Restoration lvl 4

Special Equipment:
Ether Recipe: DC 17 fort, 1d8 hrs unconsciousness, DC 25 to make.

Other Equipment:
Reagents: $100


Does not deal lethal damage to intelligent creatures. Uses Dispelling Bomb discovery to remove damage from bombs when fighting such creatures.

Drinks Touch Injection at the beginning of the day, storing a Cure Serious Wounds extract. This lasts 8 hours.


Born to a well to do Deep Gnome family in Virginia, Jebediah McClaren was always different from the rest of his peers. Following in his father’s footsteps, Jeb took interest in the healing arts at an early age. Jeb’s interest extended beyond simple remedies though: he developed an interest in the principles that governed nature and the body. His curiosity also kept him away from the various conflicts with dungar in the area, though he saw the aftermath of such conflicts working in his family’s shop.

Seeing his knack for book learning (and quickly running out books), the McClarens sent their son off to medical school. At first jeb had difficulty fitting in, but his diligence in his studies and eagerness to help earned him a good reputation among his peers. Jeb’s made friends on both sides of the Maison-Dixie line, putting him in the middle of the growing tensions between North and South. He was helpless as his friends fought, sometimes literally, over the same issues that where splitting the country. When the war came, the freshly graduated Dr. McClaren swore neutrality and joined the Red Cross.

Dr. McClaren hated the fighting, not the fighters. His hands held many men and boys in their dieing moments, lives wasted before his very eyes. He fought to save as many as he could, regardless of loyalty or status. Sometimes this fight was literal: he threw bombs at both armies when attacking his patients and take medical supplies as needed. He had no respect for the administration of the Red Cross, operating as he saw fit. There existed a mutual frustration between Dr. McClaren and the Red Cross, but they knew that they where better off working together during the war. When peace finally did come, Dr. Claren learned of it though his notice of termination.

Free from the bonds of the Red Cross, Dr. McClaren struck out on his own. McClaren had been stationed near New Orleans at the end of the war, so he used whatever money he had to start a practice. He quickly gained a reputation for generosity, as well as not asking too many questions. Overall this kept business good. It was as if Dr. McClaren had finally found his place in this world.

Dr. Jebediah McClaren

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