Reconstructing the Past

Floyd Loughton, Pinkerton

Last time on Reconstructing the Past…

As the party continued their travels toward the great cattle drive, they encountered a [man?] riding as fast as his horse could carry him toward Tull, the very town the party had left in the dead of night after a rather messy encounter with the townsfolk. The man was riding out in search of a doctor who could treat a sick family in his town, as their doctor had recently been killed. Doc McClaren offered to help, and the man brought them back to his town, called X.

As the family was quarantined, only the Doctor and the Preacher went to tend to them. McClaren spent the better part of the day assessing their symptoms and learning about their environment. He eventually diagnosed the disease as malaria and set out to find an herbal cure. Luckily, he happened upon an old Orc who operated a laundry nearby and who turned out to be a master herbalist. After some misunderstandings had been cleared up, he provided the Doc with the plant he needed. McClaren also realized that this man would be a perfect candidate for the town’s new doctor.

Meanwhile, Jessie and Black Fox headed to the local watering hole. Not finding any likelier forms of entertainment, Jessie hit the tequila hard. After much bad beer and badgering from the gnome, Black Fox finished off the rest of the bottle.

After Calloway set off to but was quickly picked up and unfortunately shot by a pinkerton who was sent out by his family to gather him up and drag him back to St. Louis, and the party while totally souced, except for the preacher tracked Calloway and his captor into the night. Their captor was a dead shot and winged Black Fox as the party approached, but even sloshed she was able to skillfully return fire. The party and the pinkerton, who’s name was Floyd Loughton, came to an understanding and Calloway was set free to go on his merry way, and Floyd informed the group about a strange man in black who was asking around about them to the north west.

Experience Earned

McClaren: 2,652
Black Fox: 2,737
Calloway: 2,592
Jessie and Nate: 2,250

Anachronisms, Optional History Lesson, and Trivia to follow.


CassandraG CassandraG

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