The Sovereign Host

The Church of the Sovereign Host

The Church of the Sovereign Host was started in the Middle East and was originally a pantheon made up of 14 gods; however, around 1,865 years ago there was a split in the church between those who worshiped the whole pantheon and a newer sect who only worshiped the 8 gods that are now referred to as the Sovereign host. This split was brought about by a prophet/demigod that was sent from the Host to inform their followers that six of the deities, those the church refers to as the Dark Six, had fallen from grace with the rest of the pantheon and had shown their chaotic tendencies to the forefront. This schism was so important that the time keeping system of the Europeans is based on the birth of this demigod, who corrected their religion.

For a long time this religion suffered persecution under the Empire from the North until later they were accepted by the Empire and eventually supplanted all of the traditional pantheons of the Europeans by forcing them to convert or die. This led to several wars with people who were worshipers of the Dark Six, a later split with the people who worshiped the complete pantheon, and the whole pantheon. Inquisitors of the Sovereign Host hunted those who worshiped the Dark Six, the Whole Pantheon and traditional religions, this was not a positive time in the religion’s history. In approximately 1500 AD, there was a dwarven cleric, named Martin Luther, who suggested that the Sovereign Host did not hate the races that they had created for not being perfect but instead sent the Demigod to help the races of the world see that they loved them and didn’t want them to swayed by the forces of the Dark Six.

This caused the first of many splits in the religion of the Sovereign Host, into denominations, from the original catholic or universal church. Persecution based on disagreement with the local denominations of the Sovereign Host religion is what pushed some of the early settlers to settle the continents to the west to achieve freedom from religious persecution. They were followers of a gnome cleric named John Calvin, who suggested that by living a pure live one might best serve the Sovereign host and join the elect, those that the Host had pre-chosen to join them in the celestial planes where they lived.

After the settlement of the continent there were was a falling a way from the Host, some believed that the Host were just one aspect of a greater deity, called an Elohim, who created the world and then left it to its own devices, because all of the world’s religions had the same core tenets and this was a sign to these Elohists that their was only one god who set the world into motion and then left its great creation to its own business. It was Elohists who wrote the Constitution of the United States.

It was this falling away of faith that lead some of the faithful to the to Host feel a need to revive the faith, with charismatic fervor. These mostly uneducated people had the Spirit of the Host with them and could do great miracles just as the trained clerics of the Lutherans, Calvinists, and Catholics. They claimed that any could do these miracles just through the power of their faith if one was willing to accept it, and these movements gained great numbers leading up to the Civil War.

Deities of the Sovereign Host
While usually worshiped as a complete pantheon instead of as individual gods, the Sovereign Host is made up of several deities and sometimes clerics will choose one patron over the others.
Dol Arrah
Dol Dorn
Kol Korran

The Sovereign Host

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