The Orisha

Traditional Religions of Africa

The Orisha are the spirits and other traditional gods of the people from Africa. The Europeans who enslaved them would have tried to remove the religion from the people, and surplant their worship of the Orisha with worship of The Sovereign Host. This lead to a blended religion of the worship of the Sovereign Host and the Orisha called Voodoo, which spread rapidly through the Carribean and onward to New Orleans, where slaves had to hide their traditional religions from their slave masters. Their traditional religions follow several groups of Orisha, the Ancestral, Celestial, Elemental, and Fiendish Orisha. The priests of the Orisha belong to the Oracle class.

Ancestral Orisha

The Ancestral Orisha are the ancestors of those that worship them. They are a form of benevolent incorporeal undead. They have domain over fertility, luck, protection, and strength, and they have the same alignment that they did in life.

Celestial Orisha

These are good outsiders that are worshiped and are technically gods, of the pantheon of the Orisha.

Araku the Warrior
Bedaga the Trickster
Easafa the River
Nimbala the Judge
Ramaranda the Diviner
Shonamu the Hunter
Siama the Dead
Tarango the Drummer

Elemental Orisha

These are neutral spirits of the elemental planes, they are associated with natural phenomena such as lakes, streams, mountains, and the sky. As well as more man made phenomena like bonfires.

Air Orisha
Earth Orisha
Fire Orisha
Water Orisha

Fiendish Orisha

Fiendish Orisha are what other religions would call demons or devils, but are respected just as any of the other Orisha because they are also forces in this world and should be respected, lest mortals invoke their wrath.

Bokor the Arcane
Dogar the Haggler
Gamal the Dark One
Gudugu the Obscene One
N!ok the All-seeing Eye
[[Sama\ the Poison One]]
Zombi the Serpent Lord

The Orisha

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