Black Fox/Black Snake

No one who is alive knows her real name


Black Fox—Mahpe’ohe /Black Snake—Mahpe’one

Level: 3rd
Race: Kitsune
Class: Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Size: Medium

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 19
Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 19

Fortitude: 4
Reflex: 7
Will: 4

AC: 18
CMB: 13
CMD: 17

The being that is Black Snake/Black Fox has Black, silky hair. She meticulously cleans herself and has a personal problem with unwashed peoples. She has purple eyes and her hair and eyes do not change when she changes forms. As the Kitsune, she has black fur and and it is quite wonderful to look at. However, stare at her too long and you’ll have a gun in your face. Stare at another person too long and you’ll have a gun in your face. Stare at anything too long and gun in face. Simply put, she put her gun in your face.

“Its okay criminal scum, I’m not going to kill you. I’m just going to make it so you cannot walk and see if the coyotes think you should survive tonight.”


Mahpe’ohe (Black Fox) originally hails from the lands of Frontier Act, specifically Kansas. Her family was already settled in the territories during the events of Bloody Kansas, where her family acquired a deep-seated hatred of slavery and those who supported its institutions. However, some of the participants were American soldiers, and decided to seek vengeance upon her family. She somehow escaped and hid during the night, and when day came, her father was barely alive but the rest of her family, siblings, relatives, and anyone else on the homestead plot, were dead.
Her father eventually recovered, trained her as best as he could to defend herself, and taking the call of the Union, marched to war to never come home to fight for a cause that he believed in. At the time she was 15 when he left, and she was left in the care of some nice folk, whom expected that she would marry into their family at some point. Mahpe’ohe, during the war, came to associate with the Cheyenne that were still in the region, and began training herself to be able to fight to protect herself and her family. With no interest in marriage at this point and no desire to have a family, she decided to head out Eastward.
Mahpe’ohe or Black Fox as those in Missouri and Arkansas called her has come to New Orleans to accomplish several things. She knows the city survived the war, and believes that this can be used to find out about soldiers who fought in the war, but were serving as soldiers prior to the events of the war. Specifically, looking for anyone who might have a clue about the soldiers operating in Kansas and Nebraska in the 1850s. She wants to also find any information she can about possibly locating and burying or giving rest to her father, who never came home.

-There’s no family and they have been massacred by Southern soldiers prior to the Civil War
-An entire spurned family because she doesn’t want children or marriage
-While she’s travelled East, she is prone to using her guns to influence things, specifically crippling criminal scum or corrupt individuals.
-The Vishkaya form is the form that is hunted; she wears her hair down in that form. She is called Mahpe’one.
-Mahpe’one/Mahpe’ohe are rough translations from Cheyenne to Black Snake/Black Fox

In the last couple years, Black Fox has used her ability with guns to be a bounty hunter, collecting prizes through justice. Black Snake however, has some possible implications in people dodging “justice”, usually citing corruption or exploitation as reasons for assisting in their running.

Black Fox/Black Snake

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