Reconstructing the Past

The Devil's Cattle

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The party finally arrived at the place where the Great Cattle Drive was preparing to embark on its journey. Arriving in the camp, they asked around and learned the whereabouts of the person in charge, a Dwarf named Gunter von Hammersmark. Jessie promptly barged into his tent, dragging the others along with her, and demanded to speak to him.

Upon hearing Jessie’s proclaimation that they were going to join up with the cattledrive, Gunter informed the party that they had all the help they needed and he had no reason to hire them, except possibly the doctor and cleric. If they wanted to prove that they were worth enough to take on, they would have to undertake the task of obtaining some legendary Devil’s Cattle for him. A herd had been sighted in the area, within a few days travel.

The party asked around the camp to see what they could learn of the ghost cattle. Jessie learned that they were tended by mysterious supernatural figures known as The Riders, but she didn’t put much stock in the stories of the old timer. Calloway learned similar stories of the Devil’s Cattle from a folk song performed to him by a group of humans. Meanwhile, McClaren found that his healing skills were much needed in the camp.

Eventually, acting on information gleaned by Black Fox, the party headed West, toward where the Cattle had supposedly been seen last. After a few days’ ride they came upon them. Cleverly surrounding the Cattle, they managed to intimidate the beasts enough to herd them without stampeding them, eventually making it back to the drive fir a few of them and winning the respect and employment of Gunter.

Soon after returning, however, a group of mysterious individuals entered the came, coming straight for our hapless adventurers. It was none other than the Riders of the story, back for revenge against those who had been brazen enough to steal their Cattle. The party faced a harrowing fight but eventually triumphed.

Experience gained: 4,634


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