Reconstructing the Past

Once Upon a Time in New Orleans...

Alright folks, we have officially gotten this show on the road! Congrats on a fun first session. I am intending to chronicle our adventures on this blog, since I am curious to see whether it is useful to have an official record, and I just like taking notes.

So, we kicked off with each of the characters having some encounters around the city of New Orleans. Eventually everyone was drawn to a riot just as it was about to reach the boiling point. Rather than join the fray, our heros succeeded in breaking up the commotion through intimidation and appeals to sanity. Nevertheless, the occupying Union soldiers showed up as the mob was dispersing and pinned the rabble-rousing on none other than our hapless adventurers. They were given until sundown to get out of town or have a bounty placed on their heads.

After gathering their posessions, the party was escorted by the soldiers to the city limits and told not to return. A few miles out of town, a gnome on a large black stallion, calling herself Jessie McIlroy, rode up. Black Fox recognized her as the gnome who had tricked her into helping her steal a horse earlier that day. After some introductions, the group decided to travel together towards Odessa, Texas to join up with a large cattle drive that is in need of extra cowboys. On their way out of Louisiana, the party successfully defended themselves against four crocodiles.

Experience gained: 1,134 points


  • Ratfolk Bartender: “I’m not the brightest bulb on the tree.”
  • Jax Brewery was not founded until after 1900.
  • Hotel Mont de Leon was founded in 1884.
  • Odessa, Texas was founded in 1881.
  • Benjamin “Beast” Butler was so unpopular in New Orleans that he was actually recalled from the city in 1862, but his successor, Nathanial Banks, was staight-laced and boring. Butler, on the other hand, was a profiteer and all around jerk, and makes a much better bad guy.

Optional History Lessons
Butler’s General Order No. 28
The Black Codes


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