Reconstructing the Past

On the Trail

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The Great Cattle Drive was underway and the party had been on the trail for several days. Aside from feeling saddle sore, all was going well. On the morning of he fourth day, the party received a summons from Gunter, the boss, to his tent. When they arrived, Gunter toldbthe party he had a job for them. He wanted them to go out and find him some locally growing cannabis. After some haggling over compensation, Calloway, McClaren, and Jessie agreed (no doubt interested in gleaning some for themselves whilebthey were at it. Black Fox declined, stating that a drug errand was beneath her.

So off the three went in search of riverbed areas where the weed might be found. Unfortunately at the first likely spot, mcClaren stepped in the mud and disturbed a mud elemental. After a hasty fight, the group moved on.

Meanwhile Black Fox was engaging in conversation with some other people at camp. They were chewing the fat over rumors of giant spiders who had taken some wondering cattle already in the night. Perturbed, Black Fox was suddenly greeted by none other than Floyd the Pinkerton, who had a letter for Calloway to deliver. It turned out he was also there tracking a rogue group of ex-Confederate soldiers who had murdered a tribe of Indians on their own territory. Offended by this news, Black Fox voluntered to join his posse to take the rebels out.

Some simple tracking brought the possee upon the scene of an enraged Centaur riding down a group of bearded men who were obviously the culprits. It seemedb they had arrived just in time to help this person get her revenge. After the soldiers had been dispatched, Black Fox and the Centaur got to know each other and found they had much in comon. Not having an immediate purpose, the centaur decided to accompany her new friend back to the cattle drive, thinking she cohld be useful there. They returned to find a worried preacher, who said that the other thrree still had not returned and night was falling.

The Doctor, the rogue, and the sorcerer had inadvertantly stublmed upon not only the coveted plants they sought, but also onto the lairs of two giant spiders. The spiders paralyzed each of them in turn and wrapped thweir victims in webs, which is how the gunsliger and barbarian found them. The fight that ensued was difficult, but finally the beasts were brought down. In their lairs, several cow carcasses were found, along with a Staff of Swarming Insects. The centaur was then introduced to the rest of the party and they returned to get their promise of payment from Gunter, trusting him less by the minute.

Experience Gained: 7,123


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