Reconstructing the Past


Last time on Reconstructing the Past…

The party’s travels brought them to a little town called Persia, Texas. Upon first inspection, it seemed to be an abandoned mining town. The party looked into most of the buildings and found evidence that a stranger explanation was called for. Eventually they emerged back out onto the street to find a dwarf dressed all in black with striking red hair and beard. The party immediately suspected that this was the Ranger in Black they had heard tell of. At about this time they also noticed a large mountain looming just beyond the town, which they could not recall having seen before.

The Ranger had our adventurers sit down with him at the bar (which was conspicuously well stocked) for drinks. It soon turned out that what he wanted to discuss was the murders at Tull. It seemed that word of that strange and horrible night had spread, and the Ranger was seeking those who would answer for the crime. Jessie vehemently denied having any part in the matter, while the Doctor, Calloway, and Nate were somewhat more candid. It was agreed that the party would accompany the Ranger to the “magistrate’s” castle in order to explain the extenuating circumstances and clear their names as much as possible.

On the way to the castle, a stream of people began to descend from the mountain, walking in an almost zombie-like state of exhaustion towards the dormitories. The party was perturbed, but carried on.

At about this time, Black Fox arrived in town. Having told the party to stay put, she had gone off to pursue a nearby bounty whose trail she had picked up. Quickly surmising that something was amiss, she decided to go toward the mountain, where the miners were coming from, cursing her fellows all the time.

The party was reunited inside the castle just before the magistrate emerged, introducing himself as Count Schreck. Gaunt, pale, and with menacingly long fingers, he was clearly a vestage of the Old World. He soon explained that the miners were his employees, and that he routinely transported the entire mountain into another dimension where time passed more slowly in order to have the miners fit a whole month’s work into the span of a week or so, only to emerge wholly exhausted to sleep.

After a short discussion, Black Fox’s patience for Count Schreck wore thin, and she preemptively shot him. A violent fight ensued, resulting in the deaths of the the Count, the Ranger, and the Seneschal, and in the near-death of Doc McClaren. Realizing that the castle had begun to crumble around them, likely due to the absence of the count’s influence, the party hastily made their retreat.

Experience Earned: 5,667


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