Reconstructing the Past

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Last time on Reconstructing the Past….

As the party was wandering the central plains of Texas, they were surprise attacked by some anhkegs and some roving bandits, gnomes and lizardmen who had snuck up from Mexico, before they came across the town of Tull.

Just outside of Tull in the distance the group saw a roving elder dust elemental, sometimes called black blizzards by the locals, who forced the party to take shelter in the town; but that isn’t all they saw. They also saw off in the distance, some of the lesser batfolk that act as servants of the vampires and damphir, traveling somewhere, though it is not known where. Tull was a quiet little town, where Jesse sold off some “conquisador’s armor” to a rather inbred ratfolk, named Jethro, who she tricked out of his money. Then as the sun was going down the whole town took shelter in the the old Essean Mission that was the only stone building in the town.

It was only after the townsfolk went to sleep that the party realized that there was any kind of problem. For they were possessed by some ancient evil that awoke in them a great anamosity toward our intrepid adventurers, and they started to swarm towards them with murderous intent. If not for the quick thinking of Black Fox, McClaren, and the preacher. The townsfolk might have killed our heroes in their sleep. But with Black Fox holding back the tide and with support from McClaren and Calloway, the preacher was able to exorcise the spirits that had possessed the poor villagers. Unfortunately it was too late because, between McClaren and Calloway, half the village had been killed. So, noting that the dust elemental had passed on it way, the adventurers decided to skip town in the middle of the night instead of try and explain themselves to the townsfolk who had survived the ordeal in the morning…

Experience Gained: 3,428 points


  • Tull was named for a town that is in the first book of Steven King’s Dark Tower series The Gunslinger. In this town the locals have been driven mad by some dark, mysterious and ancient force.
  • Jethro of Tull, the inbred ratfolk shopkeeper, was a self indulgent progressive rock joke about the band Jethro Tull. As well as possibly a reference to Jethro Bodine in the Beverly Hillbillies.

Optional History Lessons
Spanish Missions in Texas
Jethro Tull, the real-life agriculturalist from the British Industrial Revolution


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