Reconstructing the Past

Catching Up

Due to your GMs being lazy slackers, we have been neglecting to track the party’s progress in the adventure log for a while. So, at long last, we are getting back around to it. This is a post to summarize the party’s adventures since the last post.

Around Halloween, party members were confused to find themselves at a mysterious plantation house, with no recollection of how they got there. Many strange and unspeakable things transpired, but eventually, Black Fox woke them from their magically-induced dream to find that the cattle had been stolen. After tracking down the thieves, the party had a standoff with Al-Saher, an efreet lawyer from Chicago, who turned out to be in cahoots with Gunter on an insurance scheme. Because Gunter was trying to go back on his deal to commit insurance fraud, Black Fox determined that Al-Saher had a valid complaint against the German. They left Gunter with only the Devil’s Cattle, allowing the lawyers to go on their way with the herd.


Shortly after entering Kansas, the party happened into a town where Black Fox receives a telegraph from Floyd asking her to help him track down a man named John Noland, who may have information on the whereabouts of Quantrill’s Raiders, a notorious band of ex-confederate outlaws. Just after Black Fox departs on this mission, a bank robbery takes place, but without Black Fox the party is unable to apprehend the criminals. The party proceeded to pursue the criminals through several towns but to no avail.

Black Fox tracked John Noland to the Wichita outpost, where she met a carrier dragon named K’Leal. After locating and questioning Noland, K’Leal agreed to fly her back to meet up with the party in the town of Independence. With winter encroaching, the locals, including Jessie, were concerned about the possibility of being attacked by Black Ice in the night. The party, though skeptical, did indeed encounter this monster, and had to fight it off.

The next day, Black Fox received another telegram from Floyd, instructing them to meet him in Joplin, Missouri. The party proceeded to travel to Joplin, where, much to Jessie’s surprise, they found her brother, and the truth finally came out about Jessie’s real name: Althea. It turned out he had come to town to get away from their oldest brother and his new wife for a while. He also had the notion that he could make some money on gambling, but that went about as well as you would imagine. Although he wouldn’t outright say it, Althea could tell that what he really wanted was to find a wife of his own to bring back to the farm. Out of a sense of guilt and obligation, Althea agreed to help.

Meanwhile, Black Fox, Jeb, Nate, and Calloway met up with Floyd, who gave her the rundown of what to expect when they reached Liberty, where the Raiders were hiding out. He showed them pictures of two ratfolk, named Jesse and Frank, who are Floyd’s informants in the group. Floyd has given them immunity, along with anyone in the group who will leave with them. The real target is Archie Clement.

The next day, Althea bought new clothes for her brother while Jeb and Calloway modified the wagon to enable Jeb to craft potions on the road. They also visited a dry goods store, but did not find what they were looking for.


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