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I have decided to use Obsidian Portal because I have a thing for making things look nice on the web, and for displaying the creative work I do somewhere besides an email chain. When you have time, please create character pages and include at least your basic character information and the bio information I requested previously. See the Resources and Guidelines page before you do so. If there is anything about your character that you want to be a secret from the other players, just email it to me.

The year is 1866—one year after the American Civil War reached its bloody conclusion, and President Lincoln was shot. The newly reunified country is still in disarray, poised to set its new course and deeply divided as to the direction that course will take. The technological infrastructure of the South, which before the war had begun to modernize with the advent of the railroad, stands devastated, its major cities sacked or under the rule of the Union Army. While displaced families and soldiers of both sides attempt to make their way back to homes and kin who may or may not have survived, the American government argues over how to reintegrate the southern states and their newly freed human, gnoll, and goblin populations.

On the western frontier, one will find people of all kinds locked in a struggle for survival and claim to land. Roving elementals destroy towns on the edge of civilization, beyond where the steam elemental powered trains reach their iron fingers out to the wilderness. Siege mages controlling cannons silenced Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg; guns and spells duel it out at high noon in the middle of the street amid the rolling tumbleweeds. Where there is believed to be precious metal, boom towns pop up seemingly overnight, full of fortune-seekers and ne’er-do-wells of all races. “Cowboys,” men and women seeking adventure, fame, and fortune, attempt to impose their own brand of law. Construction of the great transcontinental railroad project has resumed out of Omaha on the backs of dirt-poor orc immigrants. The great centaur tribes of the plains ready themselves for renewed efforts to defend their home territories as the Europeans cease their infighting and once again cast covetous eyes toward their lands and the buffalo who roam them. Tiny, homogeneous towns eek out their existences, utterly unknown to the surrounding areas and beset by danger on all sides.

Over all of it, the Federal Government of the United States would seek dominion, driven by intentions that run the gamut from misguided nobility to power-hungry greed. This is a country locked in a struggle to manifest its destiny, but what that destiny may look like is anyone’s guess. This is Reconstruction.

Reconstructing the Past

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